DefCon Support is a company with a single focus: Provide the best support possible to our clients. Our experience gives us an in-depth understanding of not only the technical requirements, but the level of expected service. Many companies around the world can do the work, but few take the time to fully understand the requirement and to attempt to exceed their customer's expectations on a daily basis.

Our managers, from the top down, have been working within government contracting companies for many years. We understand that there are no 'do overs.' We get the job done right the first time. In government contracting, time is money, and we would never waste our client's time or needlessly cost them money.

As Foreign governments and companies efforts in Kuwait moves from a 'contingency' basis to a 'sustainment' basis, we recognize the need to provide inexpensive yet responsive services. We make every effort to ensure our clients are paying the lowest possible amount on local purchases and life support requirements. Our reputation is impeccable, and at the end of the day, Kuwait is a very small place. Everyone knows everyone.

At this point in time, we aren't the largest supplier of sponsorship and support services. but we believe we are the best. If your company is bidding a contract in Kuwait, we would appreciate the opportunity to bid. We believe you will find us less expensive, more transparent, and easier to work with than most, if not all, the other available options.