Our primary area of focus, our core business effort, on is the provision of local support and sponsorship to US contracting companies. A concentrated effort has been made to identify potential clients, and concurrently, ensure that our infrastructure can support the effort at the level of service expected by our clients, and that our employees can do the job.

We currently provide local support and sponsorship for a number of US companies. Most of our clients came to us by word-of-mouth references from those US employees we already supported.

As a general overview, our local support options include:

  • Housing

  • Vehicles

  • Non-Transportation Vehicles

  • Travel Services and Assistance

  • Local Telephone Support

  • Internet Support

  • Employee Recruitment

  • Local Governmental Requirements

  • Procurement Support

  • Catering Support

  • Office Space

  • Warehousing and Storage
Unlike many Kuwaiti companies who have jumped in the sponsorship arena, we fully understand the requirements, and comprehend the expectations of our clients. Local support is much more than provision of a visa and a Civil ID card. We take great pride in our knowledge of the local requirements, rules, and regulations, and our ability to assist our supported companies with the requirements, both forecasted and un-forecasted.