With the sponsorship of these companies, we have demonstrated our capability to effectively and efficiently provide this very necessary service.

Sponsorship in Kuwait is a blend of expertise, experience, and relationships. Too often, US companies enter the Kuwait market with a sponsor who is either inexperienced, or incapable. This doesn’t become obvious to the company until they have employees who are unable to get their residency visas either at all, or in a timely manner, or when the company asked their sponsor a question that they simply can’t get an answer to.

Having an inexperienced or incapable sponsor in Kuwait can easily result in poor contract performance, a lack of on-site personnel, or the inability to get the required access to the US military installations. Obviously, no company wants to be in a position where their performance hinges on something completely out of their span of control.

We approach our services from a very analytical point of view, and look at each task as a process. We break that process down to its individual steps, and ensure that we execute the process correctly each time.

We flow-chart out our processes in order to identify critical path areas, and to develop contingencies based on changes in the government system.