Management Team

Mr. Andrew Day, the General Manager, has been associated with Kuwait since 1991, Having served a full career in the UK military and then worked as a senior manager for BAA and its seven UK Airports, he has since 2003 been managing and working in Support of Governments in conflict areas such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Nigeria. Returning to Kuwait full time with DefCon in 2015 and taking the helm as General Manger in 2017.

Mr. Hameed Mohammed, our Operations Manager, is a key manager within the company. Mr. Mohammed is our direct go-between with the Kuwait ministries, and has spent years developing the necesssary relationships to ensure that we are able to provide our services in a timely manner. He is assisted by our government office representatives or Mandoobs as they are called locally. They are very familiar with the intricacies of the government offices they are responsible for interfacing with. Additionally, Mr. Mohammad has made it a point to learn who the .movers and shakers. within each ministry are, and to develop positive, professional relationships with these key contacts.

Our relationships with the various government offices and ministries have a foundation of trust and long-term association. The various key managers and employees within those government offices and ministries know that when we bring in our documents that they will be filled in completely and correctly, and that we take all the necessary steps to ensure compliance with each ministry.s rules and regulations, and are observant of their requirements.

Our Accounting and HR Manager, Mr.Jubin Oommen, has 14 years. experience in the area of accounting and resource management. He and his team of dedicated accountants ensure that our billing processes and invoicing to the customers is handled efficiently and that all our customers have a high level of transparency in their billing

Our Procurement and IT Manager, Mr. Savio Thomas Sebastian, is in charge of ensuring that we are able to procure those items requested by our supported companies at the best possible price, and that the delivery schedule meets or exceeds our client.s expectations.

Collectively, our management team works very closely with each other to ensure there are no gaps in communication, and that we are as responsive as possible to our supported client.s needs.