Housing and Accommodation

Housing and Accommodation Services

Apartments and Villas

DEFCON Support can provide apartments and villas throughout the State of Kuwait. From two-bedroom apartments to six-bedroom villas, DEFCON Support can locate the best properties available based on the specific budget requirements and amenities requested by our clients.

Short and Long-Term Service Agreements

DEFCON Support clients often require variable lease options as a result of transient staff and multiple contract lengths. As such, DEFCON Support offers daily, weekly, monthly, and 12-month contract duration.

TDY Status

Less expensive and more comfortable than a hotel, DEFCON Support offers short-term two and three-bedroom apartments for TDY clients with daily, weekly, and monthly rental options. All apartments are fully furnished with satellite TV, DSL internet, and daily maid service (if requested). In addition, DEFCON Support accepts Visa and Master Card, for easy payment.


Providing apartments and villas that offer a safe and secure environment is always a prime consideration. DEFCON Support observe the directives by US Embassy regarding force protection issues and embassy-directed security requirements.


Every apartment and villa offer something unique and different. However, a few of the more common amenities include Western-style furniture, satellite TV, internet access, daily maid service, 24-hour security, underground parking, swimming pool, exercise room, and gym.

Comprehensive Support

All DEFCON Support clients are provided comprehensive apartment and villa support. As such, satellite TV, internet, maid service, and all maintenance issues will be monitored and managed through our housing support office. In the event of problems or difficulties, we focus on quickly responding to provide solutions.

Based on the client requirements, we will conduct property inspections prior to the move-in date to identify any potential deficiencies. A final walk-thru is coordinated prior to your personnel arriving in-country. Because of this, we can provide a seamless transition from the country of origin to a fully-serviced apartment or villa. We know your mission success depends on the ability to phase-in, or transition new employees quickly and without problems. DEFCON Support specializes in making that a reality.