Vehicles Support

Vehicle Support

Cars, Trucks, SUV's and Non Transport Vehicles

DEFCON Support can provide a wide selection of vehicles for use in Kuwait. This can range from sedans to SUVs, depending on customer requirements and budget limitations.

Short and Long-Term Service Contracts

DEFCON Support offers daily, weekly, monthly, 6-month, and 12-month lease options.


DEFCON Support provides all forms of mass-transit type vehicles, from 8 passenger vans to 55-passenger buses. All are air-conditioned, well-maintained, and available with little or no notice. Our drivers are very well-versed in the streets and roadways of Kuwait, and we pride ourselves in the fact that our employees are safe, defensive drivers.

Emergency Vehicle Assistance

DEFCON Support offers a comprehensive vehicle support program including 24-hour accident assistance, 24-hour roadside assistance, and replacement vehicle during routine maintenance or repair periods, and full comprehensive insurance coverage.

Servicing and Repair Assistance

Problem-free service and repair are a priority for our clients. When it is time for servicing or repair, DEFCON Support will coordinate a convenient time and location to collect the vehicle.

At that time a similar replacement vehicle will be provided for temporary use. When the servicing and repair is finished, DEFCON Support will contact our client to schedule delivery of the vehicle.

DEFCON Support handles all aspects of the servicing and repair, thus minimizing any disruption to our client's work schedule.